Putting the Build in RE-Building

It's been a long time since the last update and I apologize for that. With all that is going on right now (rebuilding the shop and tackling a full gut home renovation) it's been nearly impossible to run Bubble Tech with any efficiency. With that said, I decided to close Bubble Tech until we are settled back down and can provide the customer service we are proud to stand behind. Now that we are nearing the years end (Thank god!) and the shop progress is on track, I thought it would be an appropriate time for an update for those who don't follow up on Instagram or Facebook

Brick By Boring Brick

After clearing all of the debris and rubble I had one daunting task left, clearing the remaining cinder block that once resembled my shop walls. Thanks to some great friends, it only took 2 hours to fill up 30+ Pallets!!!  Another couple of hours, a broken back and a pallet jack I was able to move all the cinder blocks to one end. Then some landscaping and a leaf blower to clear the pad and we were ready for construction!

Shirk Pole Buildings LLC

After looking at looking at a dozen or so company's, I decided to go with Shirk Pole Buildings out in Pennsylvania. Considering I was going to build the new building on the existing slab, I wanted to make sure I wouldn't run into any issues and they were one of the only companies who willing wanted to come check out the build site and seemed like they wanted my business. Leon, who I dealt with was very helpful at recommending different option for my situation which sold me amongst a few other things they offered with their building.

Fast forward a few weeks later,  November rolled around an the build was underway! The New shop is 44'x92'x12' which is approximately 4000sq ft. I went with a pole barn because of the simple construction, low cost, and speed to build. Given the size, I was expecting to have the shop done in about a week an a half. Shirk Pole Buildings had it done in 4 days, and the first 2 days were only half days!!! These guys work efficient and fast!


Since the shop had to be built larger than the existing concrete slab to avoid the footings from the previous cinder block, I had to fill the 2-3 ft of spacing with concrete. This also allowed me to pour the apron for the garage door. (no pics of finish work)

Lastly before we can begin any work, we needed to run some electricity.  A 100' trench allowed us to relocate a sub panel in the shop with 200amp service, should be sufficient for a one man shop! Oh, and thanks to poor timing and New Jersey rain, our trench became a moat shortly after. At this time all the cables have been run, the disconnect and sub panel are installed and wired, now we're just waiting for the inspection so we can get the power company to turn back the power!

Some shots of the interior with temporary lights. The second picture is showing the Feit LED Shop light from Costco. This is one of the most popular choices for home shops/garages. Not bad for a 2 bulb 4' fixture. 3700 Lumens right around $35! I'll be running about 30-40 of these so it should do just the trick!


The Re-opening

I've been real hesitant to put out a real date when we will be re-opening in fear for delays and other obstacles. As were nearing completion for the space to be "usable" our time table is on track to re-opening right around new years. With that said, once we re-open, we will work on restocking all our inventory then continue to finished the remaining projects in development. We have some big plans to develop a lot more products this year once the shop is set up and our main tools are replaced!

Thank you all for your continuous support and understanding. We hope to offer new products that will help aid you building your dream car!

Clearing the Path to New Beginnings.

P R O G R E S S .


It's amazing what machine vs human can do. We finally got a Skid steer on site last week and it has speed up progress ten-fold. These photos depict only two days worth of cleaning up with the awesome Bobcat.


We're about 90% complete from clearing the floor. All that is left is the "Main room" which we've been working out of. Next on the list will be tossing the scrap metal in the dumpster, however the company we used sent us a 40 cubic yard container which is a few feet higher which makes it very difficult to throw stuff in. On top of that, it's out of the Skid steer's reach. Then onto moving the joyous cinder-blocks. We're not sure what to do with these yet but hopefully we can crush them and used them for underlayment for the path leading to the "shop garage door."


This is where we left off. We had to call it quits since we filled up the first container. We should have all the debris cleaned up in the next visit and all the metal removed in the next 2-3 visits!

A hope of positivity.

I've gotta admit, this all still feels surreal. It's one of those things you see in movies but you don't really think they happen until it hits home or someone close. It's been a morally tough road. There are days when its a struggle to push on, and days with overwhelming positivity. Just the other week I was talking with Bruce, the owner of the well established company Trick Tools that sells high-end fabrication tools. Bruce was generous enough replace my previous order which had been lost in the fire. This really hit home as a well known company in the industry cared and was willing to help a small company like mine. But what was really inspiring was he shared that he started the company when he was in High School! Great companies do still exist, support the companies that support your passion.

Quick testimony- When I first placed my order, they were waiting for their shipment of JMR Raceline Tube Notcher to arrive. Instead of waiting to receive their shipment and then send it to me, they called their manufacture to ship one directly to me to save a few days in transit. EXCELLENT Customer service!

I want to also Thank David Hayes, Matt Gold, and Rich (GoodfellaFD3S) for starting/approving the "Bubble Tech Auction Thread" (which members are auctioning off parts they no longer need to donate the proceeds) along with anyone else who participates.  I wasn't aware this actually went through until today and left me choked up after reading it. Honestly I could not imagine pushing through this without all the great support from the community and companies of the industry. Thank you everyone for the most meaningful support<3