Everybody loves new parts! Unfortunately we have all fallen in love with a car that is a dying breed. There are very few companies left that still support the RX-7 or any rotary car for that matter. But we're looking to change that! We love providing more options for you to help you build your dream car. In the past few weeks we have been working aggressively to introduce new products every week or so. Here's an inside look at some of the stuff we've been working on. These projects vary from 2+ year old projects we never finished to new concepts we just developed.


Gauge/Switch Panel

First up is our gauge/switch panel addition for our Bubble Tech Race Dash. This piece is design to work specifically with our dash. Keeping the driver in mind, we designed this piece to extend forward for an easier reach (For drivers strapped down in fixed bucket seats with harnesses) and angled sightly more to the driver for better visibility and that "Cock pit" feel. The side has a removed access panel (not in picture) which allows you to easily access your wiring for troubleshooting without having to remove the whole panel. One design aspect we love to focus on for all our products is weight. I've always been fascinated by understanding the materials capabilities and constraints. Sheet metal in its flat form is generally very flexible. Two of the easiest ways to solve this issue is by switching to a thicker material and add weight, or use the same lighter gauge material and add bends. By adding bends in the material it gives it a third dimension increasing its rigidity. Understand your material! Don't compensate adding more/thicker material! This is much like our design choice for the dash material. We did a prototype with a slightly thicker gauge which resulted in a much heavier product. By using the lighter gauge material and adding a bend, it created the rigidity needed. Note the Dash face is 50" long and can be held out with while maintaining a its straight structure vs without the bend it would bow over.


Engine Bay Cover

So this should bring some smiles... This is one of the original projects that we started around 2 years ago. Due to many revisions, this took way longer than anticipated and often got sidelined (mainly because I hate sanding). After months of sitting in my garage I just had my body shop do the final sanding. This is the mold which just got its first round of body work and paint. We should be picking up the final this week! For those who haven't seen this before, here is what the early prototype looked like =)


Transmission Spacer

Here's another item that may look familiar... Our Transmission spacer was originally hand made by the most sketchiest process possible (lol). Giving up on that method, and then realizing my this is really pushing the capabilities of my CNC, I finally through in the towel and had these outsourced. Boy is the finish night and day! The pics are showing test pieces and prototypes. We should have these finished up this week and will begin shipping orders the first week of Sept! Place your order now and save!!!


Coming Soon...

-Aluminum fender wheel covers (to cover the front wheels from the engine bay)
-Aluminum Floor pans


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