Making your own path.

It's funny how life likes to challenge you, in fact, sometimes it will throw a big (~8000sq ft) burning building (with all your life contents) right down in your way (lol). But, it's how you make your own path through it all. Today (Day 2) I continued that journey. Both the scrap metal and demolition dumpster arrived and began to make my own path. Today's objective was to tear apart most of the roof and clear way for the skid steer to come in tomorrow evening. Shoveling got old so we'll leave it to the heavy equipment. It really brings up the morale being able to see the concrete floors. Unfortunately there are tons of damaged areas, anywhere where gas had leaked cracked the floors like crazy, and wherever there was plastic fused itself to the floor. What a bag of dicks. Tomorrow we'll discard the rest of the roof and I'll learn how to operate some big boy toys.

Benjamin MuiComment