Redesigned Website For 2019!

Better late than never, right?

Sooo, I’ve been holding off doing a complete website overhaul because there was a lot of back end things that needed to be taken care of. I Knew switching to a new E-commerce platform would be a huge learning curve to build the site from scratch and take time to adapt to. But, to my relief, as my trial for my new site ended, I found my current provider had made some improvements that address most of the issues that were pushing me to leave! (Insert first wasted week here)

Shipping- This has been a nightmare since day one. In order to streamline the process, all products took on a fixed shipping rate which was generated by making complex formulas as a work around. This band aid resulted in eating the additional cost of shipping often. So I am excited to finally have the feature of a “Shipping Calculator” that will accurately quote shipping rates! In addition, we’ve also exhausted our options contacting sales reps to get better rates and strategies on lowering shipping rates! Most of our customers should see a lower shipping costs from small-medium size items and larger items should generally stay the same. (Please keep in mind, although shipping prices have increased every year, we have never raised our shipping prices so there many be some fluctuation)

Product options- Another huge problem with our past site was selecting the product options. In order to configure products with multiple variations without making 30 “products” just for one with all these options, we had to make a hidden form that was only seen once the item was added to the cart. Yes, it was very dumb and another band-aid. We’ve eliminated some of our options and simplified out options. The new layout and changes makes everything visible, easier to navigate through and more intuitive.

Appearance- I wanted to improve the look of our site well, because it looked pretty janky and embarrassing. I wanted a more polished and refined site I was proud to showcase our products on! I am striving to to have actual product photo’s as most of our old photos were rushed just to be able to launch the new product on the site. I will be updating the older product images as we move along!

Newsletter- I’ve been holding off on this for years as we all know newsletters just screams spam mail. But let’s be honest, I have to design every newsletter so I can guarantee you I will not be spam mailing anyone I’m too old and don’t have the time and energy for that! However, I think it will be beneficial to those who want to join and are not part of the social media platform. I will be using the newsletter to highlight new product releases, current sales (general public), and exclusive promotion codes for those who are signed up!

We will constantly be updating the site in the next few weeks with a few more additions. Next on our lists is to redo instruction manuals and archive them on our site for easy access.

We hope these changes have improved your shopping experience and if you have an suggestions or feedback please comment below, we’d love to hear them! Comment below or send us an email at

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