FC Lexan Windows

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FC Lexan Windows

from 120.00

Reduce weight and increase safety with out Lexan Windows!
Our Lexan (Poly carbonate) window kit is 100% bolt on and completely reversible (drilling required). We have eliminated the need to reuse the window motors, unlike our competitors, which shaves an additional weight. All necessary hardware and brackets are included. Lexan is also safer than glass as it does not shatter (in accident situation). **For off road use only**

Our Windows are CNC cut and LHD/RHD compatible. (Orientation only applies on windows with slides, please select orientation on next page)

Available Options:
Standard: Solid Lexan window
Additional Window slider +$55
Additional AR2 (Abrasion Resistant -both sides) coating +$75
Additional Slider and AR2 coating +$130
Price is for each window, order 2 for pair

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