FD Aluminum Race Dash

FD Aluminum Race Dash

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Redesigned for 2019 (Updated pics coming soon!)
Made to order: Approx. 2 week lead time

- Additional bracing for more rigidity
- Additional mounting options built in for more easy of customization
- New multi switch panel design to lower shipping cost

Switch Panel:
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Product Description:

Looking to simplify and shed some weight? Our Aluminum Race dash is design to simplify back to essentials. This is a perfect solution for after market gauges/digital gauge cluster for your track FD. Our dash is design with a  4 piece construction (Top, Face, 2 sides) to alloy for easy installation. Our redesign for 2019 comes with an all new mounting system that allows for multiple mounting options. Our dash no longer mounts to the stock dash bar and mounts independently to the chassis. It is now braced in the center to the transmission tunnel and fire wall. The side covers also bolt directly to the chassis where the stock dash bar previously mounted. If none of these options work for you, we added additional tabs that sit behind the dash face that can be utilize as custom mounting points to tie into your cage. We also have an optional switch panel if more room is needed to mount more gauges and switches! Our switch panel has a side door design to allow for more access for troubleshooting/maintenance.

Simplified and lightweight
100% bolt in (requires trimming if used in conjunction with a cage)
Multiple mounting options to work with various style cages/setups
Material: Aluminum
Finish: Matte Black

Dash (Top, Face, Sides)
Custom brackets
All mounting hardware

Center switch panel
All mounting hardware

If used with stock dash bar, side covers will need need the mounting tabs cut off since the use the same location as the stock bar.