FD Cooling Panel

FD Cooling Panel


Redesigned for 2019!
- Shorter by 1.5” to more set ups without cutting
- Hemmed top edge to increase rigidity
- Tight cut outs for cleanest appearance

**Please note current photo is the original design and taller- New design extends 2.5” above the hood bump stops**
**Currently in production- Ships first week of June**

A/c Cutout:
Greddy FMIC Cutout:
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Our cooling panels are carefully designed and tested for perfect fitment. Although cooling panels are designed to block air to force more air through the intercooler and radiator, it is commonly used to clean up the look of engine bays. This is why we took special care and attention to detail to make sure our cut outs are in the appropriate location with the least amount of gaps. Unlike other competitors, we match our cut outs specifically to the contour of each part . We don’t use square cut outs for round bump stops and you won’t see large hole to compensate poor fitment. We design our cooling panel for a tight fit to prevent shifting and eliminate the eye sore of bolts. But for extra security, we embedded neodymium magnets on the back to hold the panel in place!

- Aides cooling by blocking airflow directing more air though Intercooler/Radiator
- Tight cut outs for cleanest appearance
- Cleaner engine bay appearance
- No tools required
- Material: Aluminum
- Finish: Matte Black

Cooling Panel
(No Hardware needed)

Cut out for Greedy FMIC
Cut out A/C (Dryer)