**DEMO** FD3S V2 Race door panels (LHD/RHD)- No cut outs


**DEMO** FD3S V2 Race door panels (LHD/RHD)- No cut outs


This set was test fitted (Pass side only) and has a very faint blemish right where the plastic protective later is peeled. about 1"-2" long and can only be seen from an angle (Pass side)

Only 1 in stock! Door panels will come with RED pull straps unless you specify otherwise!

Our FD3S Flat door panel were designed to be kick ass. They are inspired by Japanese culture Time Attack cars which have mastered the art of simplifying. We inherited their concept, refined and improved the fine details. From every bolt, to trim, to connection point, no detail was overlooked. Our door panel face is contour fitted to the exact profile of the door. We also added a radius to the 90* bend to give it a soft finish to break up the harsh bend. The window flange is also contour fitted to the glass and capped off with rubber weather strip.

Matte Black Aluminum


  • Allows more clearance for bucket/racing seats
  • Allows more clearance for roll cage
  • Lighter than stock

Version 1vs Version 2
Version 1

  • 100% reversable
  • No drilling or cutting required
  • Retains stock door latch and cables
  • Install time ~ 1 hour

Version 2

  • Non reversible
  • Requires drilling
  • Upgraded hardware
  • Pull style latch conversion (Includes new cables, brackets and all hardware)
  • Relocated door manual door lock
  • Install time ~ 3 hours
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