Bubble Tech is a one-man design and fabrication shop based in Flemington NJ, USA.

Established in 2012 I set out with the goal to help car enthusiasts build their dream car and assist in the preservation of RX-7’s.

Years ago I struggled to source specific parts for my RX-7 and was frustrated that every part I came across overlooked the details and design. So, as an industrial designer, I decided to combine my passion and expertise. My goal was to fabricate products that were designed with attention to detail, perfect fitment and never sacrifice on craftsmanship.

Our aftermarket product line is heavily influenced by the culture of JDM time attack cars. We want to make these unique, hard to find, typically custom made performance parts easily available to our customers. We also manufacture restoration products for RX-7’s that are obsolete/NLA (No Longer Available) to prolong the preservation of this iconic car.

We are dedicated to designing unique products. We will never push our products on anyone as our goal is to simply provide alternative and specialty products for our customers.

Benjamin Mui

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