Foam Support (Trans Tunnel Cover)

Foam Support (Trans Tunnel Cover)


- Sturdy feel

- Reinforces transmission tunnel cover preventing cracks

- Lightweight

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One of the most common issue with the trans tunnel cover (Center console- Part #FD01-64-420E-02) is that any weight/pressure applied to the cover (typically an elbow or arm to help get out of the car) cracks the plastic due to the force being localized. Our Foam Support is designed to fill the void under the transmission tunnel cover adding rigidity to prevent them from cracking. When weight/pressure is applied, the foam support distributes the force onto the trans tunnel body (sheet metal) preventing localize stresses in the plastic. This is possible by incorporating all the underside features into our foam block allowing them to nest perfectly for equal distribution of force. Our foam support is made of rigid dense foam for a strong lightweight that to slip right in and distribute the forces evenly!

Fills void under trans tunnel cover to transfer weight/pressure onto chassis
Prevents cracking
Easy installation- Slips right in! (Designed as the positive half of the trans tunnel cover underside
LHD only
NOTE: Is not compatible with the Bose Center Speaker amplifier (must be removed and mounting tabs must be cut off)
Material: Foam
Finish: Gray-black (color may vary due to dye)

Foam Support block


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