And So It Begins...

After about a year and a half of neglect, and just shy of 2 years not running, I finally had the desire to work on the 7 again. After missing deadlines and overwhelmed with "what I had planned" I lost motivation and got side tracked with business. It's finally caught back up to me and it is time to bring her back. It's been so long that I've been asked if I even have an RX7 or do I just make parts for them. Hahah, I do in fact own a 1993 Originally Red, FD. For those who didn't know me back then, I didn't always have a complete turd.

This is what she looked like back in her glory days..

This is what she looked like back in her glory days..

If you wanna get up to speed, you can check out my build thread on RX7Club... I pretty much left off with a HUGE wrap list of things I wanted to accomplish for DGRR 2013 and failed miserably. This was the first year I missed my deadline which spiraled me into a "I wanna burn this car to the ground." With that said, I still have the same ambitions, refined with more mods but a realistic deadline, which is never. Majority of the upcoming mods are all custom and need to be made which caused the huge delay.

So a little run down of the plans of things I need:
Exterior: Complete custom wide body kit (again) except this time properly done, in side a garage on level grounds! It will of course be inspired by many of my favorite TA cars. This year I will also pony up for paint after I've avoided it and tried many alternatives for the past few years.
Interior: 1 piece Carbon dash, 1 piece carbon center console/transmission tunnel, Bubble tech Carbon Race door panels, Bubble tech aluminum floor pans v2 (coming soon!), custom rear seat covers/storage for battery
Engine bay: Paint, redo plumbing to all hardlines, new VMIC, Custom intake, dual oil coolers
Misc: Rewire whole car, racepak, full cage? and new harness

Today my journey began by removing the stupid sound deadener (quietcoat) I added years ago. Unfortunately the dry ice trick does not work with this stuff. It's latex base so a good ol' heat gun and scraper...


Getting there... I focused on scraping the metal areas as I will get some dry ice for the spots with the stock sound deadener. This is by far the most obnoxious car related thing I have ever done. If you are planning on sound deadening your car and have the slightest possibility that you may not want it in the future, really think about it...


To be continued...

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